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Our mission

Britain’s countryside may look green and beautiful but this hides a different reality. Many areas are devoid of wildlife and managed in a way that threatens all of our futures. Farm Wilder gives you the power to change this.

We select and label the highest quality produce from farms that care for endangered wildlife so that when you buy Farm Wilder produce you know you’ll be helping bring back our wildlife, and supporting the change to a sustainable way of farming.

Britain’s farmers have spent the last 70 years working the land hard to grow more food for us. Yields have increased spectacularly, and food is cheaper than ever. But this intensification has come at a huge environmental cost. Wildflower meadows, ponds and hedges have been destroyed, and pesticides and fertilisers have wiped out most insects and wild plants. Numbers of bees, butterflies, birds and many other animals have plummeted. Hedgehogs, tree sparrows and turtle doves were once common but have all declined by over 90%. Our countryside may still look green and pleasant, but much of it is now a lifeless green desert.

Green fields from hill - Somerset.jpg

Just as worrying is how unsustainable farming has become – it’s responsible for 10% of Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions, and 30% of the global total. Fossil fuel-derived fertilisers and pesticides pollute our air and waterways. Poor soil management leads to increasingly severe flooding, and precious soil is being washed away at an alarming rate – in some places there may be as few as 50 harvests left. It’s time to change the way we farm.

Young sweetcorn crop & bare soil.jpg

Farm Wilder selects and labels produce from farms that do things differently. These are farms where wildlife still thrives – birds like Cuckoos that have vanished from much of Britain. Or rare butterflies like the Marsh Fritillary. We work with charities including Butterfly Conservation, The Wildlife Trusts, RSPB and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group to help these farmers nurture endangered species and restore biodiversity.

We help our farmers to adopt regenerative farming techniques that improve sustainability across the whole farm, restoring soil health, increasing soil carbon, reducing pollution and making the land more resilient against droughts, flooding and other impacts of climate change. For livestock farms this means transitioning over 3 years to being 100% pasture-fed as part of the Pasture For Life certification scheme.

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