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Farm Wilder is a Community Interest Company, a non profit organisation that works to make farming more sustainable and better for wildlife. It was founded in January 2019 by former BBC Natural History Unit executive producer Tim Martin, an award winning film maker and passionate naturalist, after years of frustration at the relentless decline of British wildlife.

Fellow director Luke Dale Harris is a former investigative environmental journalist who currently provides farm and policy advice with the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group. He is based in Dartmoor.

Simon Heppner is a non-executive director and is a founder and director of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and a director at Good Business.

Rich Osborn is a non-executive director and is the Founder and CEO of the online ethical retailer fresh-range.

please donate to  our conservation work

The COVID-19 crisis has hit us hard with the loss of all sales to restaurants, and the resulting reduction in the income that supports our sustainable farming. Please donate so we can keep helping rare wildlife in Devon.


Farm Wilder is a non profit Community Interest Company, funded by grants, produce sales and donations.

If you want to support the farmers who are doing so much for our wildlife, then please donate to this campaign."

- Kate Humble

Our Partners



Thanks to David Knight and Ben Andrew for use of their fabulous bird photos, and to the RSPB Film Unit for natural history archive footage. All other photos and footage copyright Tim Martin.

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