Support more sustainable agriculture and help to bring our wildlife back

Our mission

Britain’s countryside is being devastated by intensive farming. Hedgehogs, Tree Sparrows, Turtle Doves and many butterflies and bees have declined by over 90%.


Buying Farm Wilder food and drink supports more sustainable agriculture and helps to bring our wildlife back.


Farm Wilder selects the highest quality beef and lamb from British farms with exceptional wildlife and who are committed to farming more sustainably. Delicious food that’s helping our countryside to recover and which doesn't cost the Earth. 

for a healthier planet

Farming that’s good for wildlife is good for people too. Adopting more regenerative farming methods results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, healthier soils, and less flooding and pollution.

please donate to  our conservation work

Farm Wilder is a non profit Community Interest Company, funded by grants, produce sales and donations.

The COVID-19 crisis has hit us hard with the loss of all sales to restaurants, and the resulting reduction in the income that supports our sustainable farming. Please donate so we can keep helping rare wildlife in Devon.

Farm Wilder is playing a vital role in supporting livestock farmers to make the transition to sustainable wildlife friendly farming."

-- Chris Packham

If you want to support the farmers who are doing so much for our wildlife, then please donate to this campaign."

-- Kate Humble


Based in the UK, Farm Wilder selects the highest quality produce from Great Britain’s most wildlife friendly and sustainable farms.

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